Ahhh… Allegany, New York!


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It’s 2013, and Allegany has never been so avant garde: military choppers and drones hovering feet above random properties with no remotely apparent or constitutional probable cause, our very own area staged-terror task-force that the media has informed us is more psychologically stable and human-rights minded than the rest of we humans (against whom they are professed to act), when you need water you are restricted to getting fluoride instead, jets spraying precision patterns across the sky giving no consecutive hours of sun for almost a quarter of a year at times, HAARP facilities giving 80-degree Januaries, farm products are suddenly illegal after tens of thousands of years, the local newspaper streamlines its coverage to fiction, the public swoons over caveman-like representatives and experts offering either of the two sentiments permitted by the Pentagon talking points issued to the main government news agencies …

These are but a seductive taste of the inspiration teaming in western New York state as stipulated by the country’s founders and basic human rights.  The liberty to be treated as a criminal and cow, by locals who have emasculated themselves for milk bones thrown by hideous international beings who defraud and massacre around the world.

“The interests behind the [U.N.] Administration, such as the CFR, the Trilateral Commission founded by Brzezinski for David Rockefeller – and the Bilderberg group have prepared for and are now moving to implement open world dictatorship within the next five years.” – Official of the German Ministry for Defence and advisor to NATO, Dr. Johannes Koeppl  (quotes from more people)

Bilderberg meeting, 2011. (RT)  (more choice videos)

GLADIO, staged terrorism for all.  (more choice articles)

to·tal·i·tar·i·an  (t-tl-târ-n)


Of, relating to, being, or imposing a form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life, the individual is subordinated to the state, and opposing political and cultural expression is suppressed …


A practitioner or supporter of such a government.

(source of definition: internet dictionary)


1. The arrest of Henry Kissinger for the illegal bombing of Cambodia, ordering Chile’s fascist coup, authorising the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus, Indonesia’s fascist coup and all his other subsequent crimes against humanity.

2. That all royalty in attendance be arraigned for treason, having sold their nation’s economic independence, and therefore national sovereignty, to this criminal Bilderberg cartel

3. That all oil executives in attendance including David Rockefeller be arrested for theft for the ‘Libor style’ fixing of oil prices which have seen oil at least $35 a barrel above its market price for at least the last decade.

4. That all bankers attending the conference be arrested for any of several counts of financing terrorism, theft and fraud: money laundering; Libor fraud; Payment Protection Insurance fraud and Interest Rate Swap fraud

5. That all financial services executives present be arrested and charged with false accounting and fraud for signing off the accounts of bankrupt banks etc. from 2000 to 2007 in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis.

6. That all attendees connected in any way with the arms industry, the Military Industrial Complex, including investments and loans in that industry from which they stand to profit, be arrested for crimes against humanity.

7. That all media executives connected with media empires be arrested that have committed criminal acts such as phone hacking, blacklisting, monopolising markets, racism, incitement to war and character assassination.

8. That all media executives in media empires that censor reports on Bilderberg or related Anti-Trust criminality be arrested for malicious falsehood or misconduct in public office, being accessories to Serious Organised Crime.

9. That all politicians who attend in a private capacity be arrested for accepting bribes and misconduct in a public office.

10. That all private transport, including private jets and motor cars used by conference attendees be impounded by the police pending proof that they are not the proceeds of crime.

11. Any Bilderberg attendees who remain at liberty give a press conference at or close to the venue on Thursday 6th June where they will be available to answer all questions about their conduct from press and public.

(source of demand list: https://secure.gn.apc.org/members/www.bilderberg.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6981)

Olean (Bonaventure) Region Jets Streak, Weather Manufacture


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Over Bonaventure University, with 4 escort planes, 2 ahead, 2 behind; this happens regularly, usually 2 PM or between breaks of heavy cloud: Photo 1.

jet spraying circle, 2 escort planes ahead, 2 behind


USA Department of Defense contracted Raytheon Corporation to manufacture Allegany (world) weather.
USA Department of Defense contracted Raytheon Corporation to manufacture Allegany (and world) weather.


allegany streaks
multiple jet chemtrail circles olean bonaventure weather


jet streak Allegany


olean, st bonaventure
jets spraying chemtrails allegany new york


allegany new york weather
jet spraying bent weather chemtrail streak over olean, bonaventure


jet spraying chemtrail weather olean bonaventure new york


jet spraying clouds
olean, bonaventure weather, chemtrails, new york state


allegany chemtrail
jet streaks growing into cloud


jet chemtrail streaks growing into full cloud


jet sprayed chemtrail streaks grown into parallel rows of full cloud from horizon to horizon; olean bonaventure weather
What any reasonable person can do is look up, observe jets streaking the sky – the streaks grow into cloud, the same such clouds move over this area from the Midwest.
From there you can note that the planes are white “airliners.”  Occasionally there is one going straight across the sky with oppressive slowness and a fantastically giant plume pouring out behind it.
From this, all that a reasonable person can conclude is that the weather is fake.  “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists” – J. Edgar Hoover.  And as to “our meteorologists:” their lives pivot on going to any length of psychopathy to deny their mortifying environment.  This is but one more of today’s crimes that has to be buried, just as folks in e.g. Nazi Germany had to do to get by.  Humans deny when in trauma.  Elementary psychology. 
From there you can monitor e.g. flightradar24.com,
plane dc 22 2plane dc 22 3 plane dc 22 4 plane dc 22 5 plane dc 22 6 plane dc 22 9
or winnow the internet for cogent whistle-blower leads.  A few: 
People who need to be arrested for international crime: BAE – HAARP contract Raytheon – HAARP contract, contracted to forecast weather until 2014 E Systems – defense contractor HAARP and DARPA – originally owned by Rockefellers
Patent 7413145, CIA Evergreen Air
Stanford University; University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Bill King; Defense Sciences Research Council; ScienceInsider, Eli Kintisch; Ken Caldeira, Carnegie Institution; Gregory Benford, California, Irvine; JASONS group; Michael MacCracken, Climate Institute; UK Royal Society.The reason for jet streaking is to create a plasma for HAARP-like transmissions, is to create global warming, is so only chemtrail fall-out resistant corporate crops can grow, and is also to round-out/accommodate the details of a genocidal world dictatorship under the likes said named authors of Brzezinski, Rockefeller, etc.
Jets directed by the National Weather “Service,” Department of Defense, KC 10’s, GE, Air Force, …

Weather and atmosphere engineering and organism (in particular, human) experiments. Atmosphere engineering conducts HAARP-like transmissions to engineer weather, trip earthquakes, kill organisms, and possibly “bomb” places. Sources: HAARP History Channel US Sec Def Cohen, April 28, 1997, 8:45 AM Scott Stevens; award-winning, 20-year TV meteorologist Witwats, GeoengineeringWatch.com Case Orange, Rady Ananda; Raytheon contracted by DoD to create global warming to accommodate carbon credit police state Gates 2008 patent for hurricanes … 2009 ABC News – “Hurricane Tamer.” Engineering by China Engineering suit by Dubai Scalar weaponry reports by Putin and chief military officer of Russia Early example seen in Rossen 1949.  All The King’s Men, Columbia Pictures, Culver City, CA


Olean-Area 6-Year-Olds Learn to Crawl to, or be Chained, Electricuted, and Shot Dead by Local Police

Fear, helplessness, and worshiping confused public figures.  Only the finest education for Olean-area children, as they abide in their helpless-victim-zone prisons.

The community was told by their government source of information (e.g. NPR, Olean Times Herald, FLN, WPIG, CNN) that they need to be disarmed and protected by a handful of confused locals whose morals are decided by the scarcity of money and social leverage, directed by the state – and wearing big, shiny, scary black costumes. The community must turn their souls, safety, family, and neighbors over to a few intellectually desperate locals who are charged with the full-time perpetration of crime against the natural rights of innocent Olean-area citizens.  The take-home message for the new minds of our society is: do precisely whatsoever the state surrogate tells you to do, or be killed.  Your life is limited to being an automaton.  Become a hideous, spineless, grovelling, lower life form and worship every one of their representatives that they send through your house; worship them in awe and terror as if they are schizophrenic superheros that will take your life if you falter in your state-mandated obsession to look exactly as your least-intelligent neighbors.  Worship insanity – become insane.

No evidence necessary to enfranchise this paramilitary.  Yet, the community obligates themselves to a paralyzing tax in order to create and support this opulent local installation.  And this paramilitary has time on its hands.  So it goes out to justify its office.  It shows up in the government schools (e.g. Archbishop Walsh-Southern Tier Catholic, Allegany, Olean, Portville) to ensure that the community’s next generation knows to either crawl to them (the ape-like paramilitary enlistees) or have them jeopardize your life.  These are Bilderberg’s surrogates.  They are the only armed individuals in town, and they can do whatsoever they might please to you and anyone, just like they do during the Jew-tube’s false flags.  Shut up or die.  Sounds just like the banana-republic guerrillas founded by the CIA.  Sounds like a Nazi SS officer in front of Hitler’s youth corp.  That’s freedom, intellect, courage, inspiration – a higher life form.  Get a bigger American flag to fly from your car; it means you are a thinker – you are a success.

This is a simple concept, that the citizens be equipped to defend their own safety.  Adulteration of the concept is blaring, given a cursory glimpse of a history text.  These paramilitary Neanderthaloid specimens are now armed to the teeth such that they could walk through the Battle of the Bulge unhindered (as the “Trends Research” founder puts it).  Before Bilderberg ended the American right ordained by the Second-Amendment, the people would have been Constitutionally obligated to brandish such excessive armament to offset any crazies who have it, whether the crazies were a neighbor or a Satanic mafia chimp as in the present situation.  By law of criminals running the state, your life solely rests with a stranger who is miles away and critically perplexed.  Otherwise, be promised that you will be shot dead, or tortured and a prisoner for at least 5-10 years.  What’s not to love about that appurtenance of Allegany and Olean.  Certainly, the area is populated only because masochists need a home and found a great source of sadism against them.  Live it up.  Enjoy the holidays.

Jim Eckstrom’s Mass Hypnosis of the Olean Region Over 9/11 Continues On

The owner of the Trade towers confessed to blowing them up (PBS interview).  But that is just not enough for Jim Eckstrom.  He’s not convinced.  Larry Silverstein has got to come up with a better confession, better presentation or something, and then Jim Eckstrom might … might … re-estimate his conviction over a few Muslim US military personnel (General Butler, Toronto Star), given expedited US travel by the CIA (Springman, head of US embassy in Jedda, Saudi Arabia, San Jose News), overthrowing the security measures of Israel’s trillion-dollar pentagon and doing myriad other surreal mechanical feats … actually, it just blurs into a sloppy mess … I cannot make-out what story Jim wants the psychologically fried, paying denizens of his Olean province thinking of 9/11.  Oh, here it might be: http://www.globalresearch.ca/debunked-the-official-conspiracy-theory-of-911/5349573 .

Fascism Gives Reiman the Nod

In the people-powered spirit of Nazi Germany, with the electorate possibly giggling with queasiness in ecstasy over seeing their votes slam CNN’s local police state through another meaningless election, their lady with the madness/acuity to bend bent laws further, “not perfect, but giving her heart and soul,” is re-elected in a steam-rolling win for the invincible reign of terror.  As if prosecuting 9/11, orchestrating “remittance” of not just decency but locals’ natural rights, or rubber-stamping vile exercises of the state and federal paramilitaries were in jeopardy.  The insanity can continue to breathe uneasy.  That’s the good life.  That’s Cattaraugus county.

State Representative Cathy Young Promotes Nazi Diagnosis of “Mental Disease” to Disarm Olean Region

If you “are,” (breathing) then you are too mentally unstable to defend yourself from other Homo sapiens who have guns (whoops, using the word may get you federal time now; Bilderbergers hate humans).  Only Bilderberg’s (installed locally, for your pleasure; yes, local social rehabs welcome) drone-like, paramilitary (like in a banana republic) goons (the ones protecting you from, well, freedom) can weild guns.  Where have we heard that pitch before?  Oh, the other recent genocidal, totalitarian regimes … and CNN which is dictated by Bilderberg.  Young is a drooling zombie (all anyone would ever hope for in a leader) channeling CNN (i.e. Bilderberg), … or something else …

Saint Bonaventure Parish Priest Demands Disarmament of Olean-Area Peasants

Only the utmost provided by the local “Christian” ponzi-scheme University of Adultery and Other Orgies Studies (SBU).

A violent act orchestrated by the international crime group (Bilderberg etc.).

A call by Barry Soetoro (Bilderberg puppet) via CNN (Bilderberg puppet), to disarm the populace.

A call by the Conference of Bishops in the (psychedelic airport) New World Order police state of Colorado.  (Time Magazine, regular Bilderberg attendee, features “the Pope for a New World (George Bush Sr’s New World Order),” same one who didn’t say so much during the 30,000 disappearances in Argentina’s reign of terror orchestrated by the 4th Reich Illuminati Paperclip associates)

Enter priest at the Saint Bonaventure Parish Church in Allegany, New York, midnight mass, Christmas Eve.  Two staged shootings in previous days.  Priest repeats – verbatim – the line issued by the Pentagon AP (Bilderberg puppet) bellowing that the congregation must immediately disarm themselves and their neighbors.

He forgot to call for disarming government servants (police, military) and the bodyguards of the (often garnering Israeli citizenship) government representatives, of whom some of the higher representatives have orchestrated the murder of millions over the past century (Bilderbergers and friends) – the group who paid people (mostly from the USA; “soldiers”) to massacre 168 Pakistani children (via computer-game operated drones) by that time of Christmas 2012.

Gandhi: (paraphrase) “of the atrocities perpetrated by the British against the peasants of India, depriving them of [fire]arms was the blackest.”

Lo and behold.  The churches of the Olean area are channeling CNN.  “Yes master” is their only reaction to state mandates.  No holy water or shaking hands in Mass because their superiors and CNN told them so … some new flu made by the CDC.  Change the foundation of the liturgy in the very year of 2012, after decades of constancy (constancy being the defining characteristic of the institution of Catholicism) – because the Illuminati superiors told them so.  Cancel masses (Saint Bonaventure University) so the parish can make sure to not miss the Illuminati Superbowl Halftime Show.  Skin-tight, genitalia outfits and miniskirts for all of the young women – the church has more divorcees (not to mention married clergy) than the general population.  A little bit of “oops, I have no obligation to honor even the American Sabbath, one of the ten commandments.”  Host a priest or two from developing countries to lick the feet of the affluence-stricken congregation.  Pet the congregation and make them feel the fake power of insecurity that they wield atop their credit cards, fiat loans, astronomical debt-slave SUV’s and Chinese-mart, pre-fab mini-estates.  Don’t mention their shopping addictions and skin-deep identities – at all cost.  Regurgitate a shallow story about angels or terminal illness; that’ll keep ‘em happy.  How Christian.  Nowadays, the world institution of Catholicism can only muster a few characters from society who, even after suffering years of Catholic university, e.g. frequently attack their congregation by screaming bizarre orders, make startling and bizarre claims that the Bible stories are mythological, etc.  Only the finest for the social retards finding a Sunday congregation.

So much for the inspiration of Jesus (e.g. the person studied by Walter Wink).  So much for even basic intellect.  The summit of intellect in the Catholic church (and other churches, for sure) is limited to individuals who have only the intellectual dregs of society to offer the parishes and (Bonaventure) University.  The government decides the media, the media decides the university.

Though a few of the latently reasonable parishoners can pull-off a few eleemosynary deeds, mix the insanities and there we have the concoction of fraud.

It is no question why Bilderberg’s recent FBI worksheets say Catholics are zero threat to their genocidal world dictatorship.  Though even Home Schoolers are Bilderberg-drugged (military, consumerism) zombies, they do oppose world government’s (Bilderberg’s/Jewish) destruction of the family and some of the other brainwashing in school texts and practices (which is required for world dictatorship).

Olean Cattaraugus Tea Party

Allegany Bilderberg

This is the corrected version of a sign made by The People (in this case the local Tea Party; bad internet? – short attention spans?) to protest the Bilderberg puppet, Barry Soetoro. The Tea Party has good people, yet manages to be wholly uninformed and fawns over the Bilderberg puppets directed (via ignorance or intrigue) to hijack the Tea Party and careen it into an impotent, controlled opposition. Rockefeller has provided us two parties between which to choose. “America vs. Fake Elections and Military Dictatorship” would have been a second better choice. Home of the cowardly slave, living on land rented from the international crime syndicate. Ben Franklin said that people who trade freedom for safety get, nor deserve, neither. But who cares about historical fact, right?

New York State Representative at Washington DC, Tom Reed, Incessantly Needs His Olean-Area Constituents Stripped of their Human Rights

NDAA 2011 – YES!!  Annul the Amash amendment to mitigate indefinite detention 2013 – A RESOUNDING YES!!  Way to go, the classy Tom Reed.  Classy Nazi.  He is laying EVERYTHING on the line for Bilderberg.  Military, royalty, media, business, politician, intelligence, banking – BUDDIES.  Free donuts for card-carrying SS officers!  Tom Reed: “I’m THERE!!”


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