Exceptional Videos

Dead links?  Hmmm … I wonder why.  State censorship?  Not a chance.  That doesn’t happen here, only in all other times and places in human zoology.


1.  – more former BBC investigative journalist, Tony Gosling – the sharpest source in the world

2.  – former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts:  (more: 12)

3.  – Fox News Cincinnati affiliate, reporter Ben Swann:

4.  – former Bilderberg Secret-Serviceman, amazing:

5.  – Nigel Farage, UK parliament:

6.  – Gerard Batten UK parliament, sharp as diamond:

7.  – The American Dream, recent animated video:

8.  – the amazing Max Keiser (2)

9.  – Michael Meacher, UK parlaiment

10.  – Charlie Skelton, London Guardian

11.  – former NSA, Wayne Madsen:

12.  – actual world news.  Princeton summa cum laude, Webster Tarpley:

13.  – fantastic Benghazi summary, seal team 6 summary by infowars:

14.  Illuminati plan of social engineering – Infowars, @4:30:

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