Olean Area Restaurant Tip

One person’s assessment.

In an area such as near Olean, where people are disgruntled and myopic, the workers will be paid minimum wage, thus you have to pinpoint an intelligent entrepreneur – who realizes that the quality of his employees will break his enterprise.  If you find an honestly good restaurant, you will absolutely also discover impeccable employees.

Beef and Barrel, Moonwinks – fantastic feels but (ca. 2010) only revisited by psychopaths or senior citizens who lost so much taste bud, sight, and olfactory to choke anything down.  Staggering experiences at Moonwinks.

Forced to go cheap for dining.  So do:

1. Mariachi/Sombrero on the Main Street of Olean.  Stellar place.  Good people (almost all are humble and family).  Fresh chips, salsa, beans, rice, white cheese sauce, Sierra Mist – utopia.  No more CNN ostensibly, thank God.  Though water is municipal (hazmat waste, literally).

2. Lakeview.  The people there are quite good, though the regular waiter loudly hocks phlegm.  Also, the vegetables, sauce, and meat are sometimes ‘off’ there, and the water is municipal (hazmat waste, literally).

3.  Sprague’s.  And actual drinking water!  There has been no let-down there, ever.  God has blessed us.

5.  Perkins is actually a double-take place, with a cool-as-pie staff who appear career despite indentured servitude of minimum wage.  Though the water is municipal (hazmat waste, literally), and dystopic music.


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