Olean Cattaraugus Tea Party

Allegany Bilderberg
This is the corrected version of a sign made by The People (in this case the local Tea Party; bad internet? – short attention spans?) to protest the Bilderberg puppet, Barry Soetoro. The Tea Party has good people, yet manages to be wholly uninformed and fawns over the Bilderberg puppets directed (via ignorance or intrigue) to hijack the Tea Party and careen it into an impotent, controlled opposition. Rockefeller has provided us two parties between which to choose. “America vs. Fake Elections and Military Dictatorship” would have been a second better choice. Home of the cowardly slave, living on land rented from the international crime syndicate. Ben Franklin said that people who trade freedom for safety get, nor deserve, neither. But who cares about historical fact, right?

Dear Tea Baggers,

Reed has eliminated the constitution to pocket military and pharmaceutical contracts – $700,000 + bonuses per year

– and you have him at your meetings regularly!

This Tea Party is an unspeakable fraud!

Kindly post your reconciliation with Reed over the NDAA in addition to his outright vote to kill the revocation of your liability to indefinite incarceration without trial, jury, warrant.

This Tea Party claims to entertain this treasonous war criminal, clinical psychopath, Reed because he protects their Second Amendment right that was eliminated eons ago.

Bending over backwards, paying $300 to the cartel running the state, letting them mugshot you, fingerprint you, get your acquaintances’ names and addresses, having your address published for the sheer privilege to posses a handgun just to be SWAT teamed whenever they feel like it

– when they get as much CIA protection than they could ever use

… that cannot be considered a right by any remotely rational human individual. It is slavery. Cowardly demented police-state peasants you are.

If you are going to do something, why don’t you do something in which you can even remotely tenet logic – something that you can even remotely defend?

You cannot say that Reed is saving your constitution or country. From go, he has slapped the backside of your country as it was being freighted to international market.

You are owned by the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland; and Bauer, Rockefeller, Soros, Kissinger, Gates, Warburg, and the other Jews of the Council of Seven running Bilderberg.

Did you know that you are living in a police state and that the media is a product marketed to you so that you will be the baffled primates that you are?

Learn history – history that has not been edited by the Jewish cabal that has likely overthrown every last sovereign country of the world.

You are those very people in the Salem Witch Hunt, Communist China, Nazi Germany … the 66 percent in Milgram’s psychological experiment.

Can’t you see that you are in a concentration camp of laws, debt, and punishment to keep you hopeless peasants?

Can’t you see that the police state has removed all of your presumed legality and that your wealth goes to the the cartel running the prisons, genocidal military, foreign loan-sharking, pharmaceutical oligarch, university Ponzi scheme?


I didn’t think so.

Just stop lying about Reed, kindly. It makes you look like the dumbest specimens ever mutated out of the human species.

P.S. Look up Hagelian Dialectic. The Republican and Democratic parties are two puppets fought against each other to distract you form the puppetmaster: both perpetrate treason when attending Bilderberg. And yes, most humans are pathological liars; and yes you are victims and likewise complicit liars ruining what used to be a country with a constitution.

It is fantasy. Can you not be so insecure as to accept that public figures are clinical psychopaths and actually, shamelessly lying to your face as public figures have been so selected by societies and likewise shamelessly lied throughout all ages of the human species?

– and kindly stop representing the constitution. A lukewarm effort so demented as yours is the greatest, most heinous threat ever to the poor constitution.

War is racket – General Smedley Butler, General D. W. Eisenhower, Secretary P. C. Roberts.

Reeds Bilderberg puppetmaster is a racket: President W. Wilson, Senator G. Malone, Ron Paul, B. Franklin. J. F. Kennedy, U. Sinclair, P. Henry, Mayor J. F Hylan, …

And the planet does need protection, expressly from primitive beings who role-play as being on a team of either “Liberals” or “Conservatives” who fight as directed by Rockefeller.

You know that the climate change issue is a piece created by Bilderberg to get you, the peasants, to pay carbon tax to Blood and Gore and Clinton and Gates and all the dried boogers who are stuck at Bilderberg each Memorial Day?? Paying a carbon tax to a world government that runs your local town police through the UN, which will be running each country’s military. You need to read Brzezinski’s “Between Two Ages” – that is the Brzezinski who has been the chief counsel to the past 5 US presidents.

Certainly you have looked up at the sky and seen jet streaks growing into full cloud that rains, and likewise are educated on geoengineering, which is run by Bilderberg’s subcontractors the Raytheon, BAE, E-Systems Corporations? And bothered to access the website “Geoengineering Watch,” to locate your local atmospheric heater-ELF earthquake maker, as stipulated by US Sec Def W.S.Cohen on April 28th 1997?

So the climate disasters are made by Bilderberg to get the peasants in a frenzy and beg for a world government, and Bilderberg offers themselves as the only nomination.

So, morons say you need to save the earth, and morons say you need to destroy the earth. Because they were doped-up by state media to do so. All the while, Bilderberg is accelerating the human destruction of the earth by geoengineering it.

Unfortunately this abject species who can only achieve mimicking either of the two talking points drilled into them by the state media machine have condemned their only place in which they can exist.

I hope you liberal apes pay many taxes to Blood and Gore.

And as for you conservative apes, that you get even more cancer from the fracking and human genocide from Oil racketeering. It is all on your eschatological fate, if you are so unfortunate to have one.

Reed is a treasonous pathological lying war criminal. Great that you support him so! You post the constitution and say you are patriotic whilst being led by one of the worst creatures ever conjured in the US in a scandalous, vicious, terminal attack of the country and its constitution! Reed has eliminated your constitution! Go ahead! Look! Start with the NDAA if necessary!


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