The Lowest Point Ever Reached in Olean Region

The most hideous state of the human species has not been reached apart from efforts of its individuals inhabiting the Olean, New York region.  Signs must be posted at all corners of the land warning innocent wayfarers to stay out.  In Russia, the signs read “Otorton.”  Forbidden land.  Nothing heinous is off the table for the creatures sliding through Olean trees.  One would not have guessed the oldtimers of Olean to not only want but champion their next generation to change its sex and live on welfare in a narcissist wasteland.  No longer do the humans of the forsaken Olean lands want their children and grandchildren growing up gainfully employed with a decent family and community, but rather, naked, fat, transexual, wet, white, mishap creatures, slumped throughout the region’s terrain, humping trees, streetposts, and poodles, no longer part of the human species.  What visionaries and magicians.