The accomplishments of the good people of Olean against their neighbors:

The Lowest Point Ever Reached in Olean Region

Fascism Gives Reiman the Nod

New York State Representative at Washington DC, Tom Reed, Relentlessly Stripping Human Rights of Olean-Area Constituents

State Representative Cathy Young Promotes Nazi Diagnosis of “Mental Disease” to Disarm Olean Region

Olean Times Herald Requests its 30,000 Conservative Readers to Perpetrate a Homosexual Act with a Neighbor this Week

Saint Bonaventure Parish Priest Demands Disarmament of Olean-Area Peasants and Arming State

Yep, Franciscans Eliminate Men’s Bathroom and Make it Transexual

Naked Girl Masturbates in Olean Public Library

Public Education of Olean-Area Children Championed by Devil-Worshipping, Homosexual Porn Star, Courtesy of ‘Olean’ Business

Franciscan Nun Leads Giant Orgy

Olean Priest Advertizes for Demonic Bilderberg Pope of Porn and Hellfire Missiles

Olean-Area Teachers Make Six-Figure Incomes – Why? ‘Because Public Education Works!’

Clerk of Cattaraugus Busy Issuing State Threats

Olean-Area 6-Year-Olds Threatened by Local Police

Olean Citizens Stop for Pedestrians on Pain of Death

Olean St. Mary’s Festival has Police Combing Old Ladies’ Purses

Olean-Area Businesses Fly Swastika

Gas of the Flaming Witch Hunters

Olean’s UN Reps: Times Herald Brandishes its Gan

Reed is Going to Kill People Who Sell his Heroin

Cattaraugus Citizens Pay Tazer International $237,000 to be Tazered and Incarcerated

And We Thought Cattaraugus County Residents Couldn’t Hate Their Food Source More

Olean Newspaper, Criminal Enterprise, Elated to Publish Psy-Ops

Watkins Slots Cattaraugus into Reign of Terror

Senior Citizens Serving Hard Time by Grace of Cattaraugus Witch Mob

Drugs, Guns, Representatives, Sex, and Apocalypse

Olean Child Wins Smelly Sticker from Fuhrer for Mimicking State Megaphone

Allegany Church-Media Freak Show

The Anathematic Motel Desoto

Still No Disavowal by Olean Jews

Olean Region Wants Development, Not People

Another Excellent Show! Victimless Crime Prosecuted Out-of-Town

Another Home Run for the Olean Police-State Tax

The Congress of Retards for Olean Region Schools

Solitary Olean Newspaper Blocks Public Comment In Tandem With News Blackout

Times Herald Promotional for the Bilderberg Pope

Olean Times Herald Chin-Deep in Human Waste

An Olean Woman Faces Charges for Allegedly Possessing Two Illegal Drugs

Times Herald Editor’s Insufferable Operation for Foreign State; His 9/11 Installment

CBS News Confirms Olean Times Herald is a Fraud

Olean Times Herald to Lead State – Waging Reign of Terror in Elimination of All Farms – Sentencing all Remaining Farmers to the Times-Herald’s Prison Machine

Olean Times Herald Reports United States Assistant Secretary of Treasury to Police

Human Species Ruled Illegal in Olean Region

Morbidly Obese, Divorced, Drugged, Criminal Cavemen Populating Olean

Olean Newspaper Sentences Citizens to Prison

Olean Times Herald Run by Jewish Terror Group, for Edifying News Utopia

The Saints from Hell at Bonaventure University

Legal to Kill Humans, Illegal to Kill Other Animals

When is the Olean FBI going to charge itself?

Officials only Interested in Murder of Older Humans

Olean Operated by National Human Psychotype

Visitor Charged with Felony of Still Being Alive After Accident in Olean Region

Olean Stops for the Police State

Now Olean Will Kill You in the Name of Christ

Throwing One Egg at the Back of a Car is a Felony in Olean

Times Herald Continues Defying All Odds to Find Jews to Interview

Humans Flock to Olean Region to Pay $10K/Year Rent to Experience Police-State Apocalypse

Rabies Ravaging Olean Inhabitants

Witchfinder’s Direct (TM) Functioning Smoothly for Olean Region


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