And We Thought Cattaraugus County Residents Couldn’t Hate Their Food Source More

Cattaraugus County residents hate their former source of food so totally that they’ve got some nasty long coffin nails left for country agriculture.  “Some” farm animals were standing in their poop, so now the animals were tackled and squished into the cars of the area regime, to be rescued by those who will no question be the next farmers to be entered onto the animal cruelty registry.  And guess what?  Just when you thought that the Cattaraugus legislators could find no further way to extend a criminal record to the last reaches of the local society – THEY FOUND IT!  Now you too can earn one if the searing tyranny is not pumping its terror-media liquid into your carcass such that you unawarely buy a “pet” from a terrorist farm.  You must be crazy-doting of having your carcass gang raped-slaughtered if you are a Catt Cany inmate.  God hopes the oligarchs don’t run up the price on lubricants for this unmitigated ecstasy known by everyone as Cattaraugus County living.  Why don’t these historic legislators put out-of-town businesses and products in the incarceration machine?  Only the matrix is legal.  Not interested?  Then you have two of the Ministry of Truth’s tender, caring options: prison or death – the Catt Cany motto.  They are looking out for the marginalized, because the marginalized are the only ones who are not in prison here.