Cattaraugus Citizens Pay Tazer International $237,000 to be Incarcerated

Honestly, can Cattaraugus county not get a coupon from the state’s prison business to just incarcerate all of the county’s citizens to short-change the state’s other armament business, Tazer International?

Certainly, it wouldn’t be cheaper to eliminate 3/4 county police positions, back to old-days level … but people LOVE the excessive contact with a tyrannical paramilitary.  Who the hell wouldn’t want to be pulled over every time they pass a paramilitary vehicle in Cattaraugus county?

Tazer International is getting hundreds of thousands from every town on the planet.  Hmmm.  That wouldn’t be the UN global military disarming (interning) the world’s peasants for their planned genocide would it?

Just shut up and look forward.  The impending apocalypse is promised, and you have to wait your turn.  Bauer, Rockefeller, Soros, Kissinger – are all on life-extension technology they are so old.  How fast do you think they can move?  They have already missed several of the deadlines they established.  Slaves wait until they are ordered to move onto the cattle ramp to the processing facility.


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