Drugs, Guns, Representatives, Sex, and Apocalypse

If you have sex with someone other than the state, they are not going to be pleased. They are a jealous god. The Times Herald is the ghoulish state’s creepy toilet paper of record.  They ban use of the word sex, as it is profane for any but themselves to use.

The state deals the drugs so the peasants can pay the OTH for cookies and free creams and lotions. It is just like a knitting circle … except for the Reich’s raids on the peasants and huge prison-state-legal corporations, gurgling down billions of silver coins to get the peasants on the grid of the world’s facist superstate. The war on drugs is a trojan horse to militarize local police under the centralized authority of a world government under the boundlessly munificent United Nations – I mean Rockefeller, Kissinger, Soros, Gates, Bauer, Warberg


Gender relations were established 30 thousand years ago; you are just being stroked by, lo and behold, a local installation in Bilderberg’s psyop. Talking points issued from on high for group speak over the loud speakers at the cattle yard. God bless Jime Eckstrom and Jihme Jervay.


Young is the sharpest Bilderberg automaton in the box. Who wouldn’t want her raping their human rights off like the areas other viceroys have been doing for the peasants, the venereal Thong Reed, Joh Jiggles, Gary Quomoe. Whatever young asserts – I am game. Her hairdo is convincing to the braying herd within the Constantine wire of the Reich’s C Camp.


“The biggest concern” that County Disease Rep Watkins has found is not that the virus is on official US record as patented by Rockefeller?

Another fantastic installment in the fulminating global totalitarian state.

This new virus tells us to surrendering yet any remaining personal information, income, and consequent freedoms to the facist superstate and their Utah datacenter’s PRISM database, for their continuing promise of security.

God Bless the Police State.