Gas in the Flaming Witch Hunters

Hate, hate, hate, burn, burn!  Western New Yorkers are out to tear the eyebrows off and eat the squeal out of the hapless peasants caught out from the herd.

Jim Eckstrom hands the hay hooks to Marcia Kelly for this sacrifice to Moloch, recounting their hunt and raging flames of the witches:

Great job Marcia!  The herd is drooling over you!  Diarrhea is running down their legs over you!


The only other article the Herald can think of other than bee lining the macro-neighbor-sacrifice racket of the international cartel, is one on the soul-sucked victim Gary Cuomo piquing his drooling, quaking, schizophrenic killers on sucking the soul from whatever poor peasant drew a very respectable swastika and unintelligible message protected by his former 1st amendment human right to free expression to commit a pesky graffiti crime against a shitty Wellsville dugout. The satanic, clinically insane, homicidally maniacal Jews with their feet on the faces of the New York peasants want this graffiti peasant soul-sucked.  They want his testicles torn off and body incinerated in a hate crime of their own.  When oh when will New York State get its own Hallmark line of soul-sucking demonic well-wishes?  Plenty of soul-rotted New York peasants would traffic them.

In a real world, Cuomo, Eckstrom, Kelly, and their porn-kingly Jewish taskmasters would be afforded one-way tickets to a voodoo tribe in Haiti that would more closely suit their dysplasia.

Who couldn’t prize the cordial company of the human introductions to the Western New York region?