Naked Girl Masturbates in Olean Public Library

Can you imagine that the old Olean Public Library staff was routed and supplanted by a Kingdom of Dykes, by state force?  Well, somehow it’s reality.

Most of the effectively all-female (/all-feminin) staff are particularly great people; however, all else of the library has blobbed over the whole city, attacking taxpeasants on the street and mauling patrons who walk down its transexual jewish George-Soros-grant lobbyway (with a giant menorah with a few tiny paper sheep and snowmen debris to put in a good word for the whole origin of the holiday of the formerly Christian state).  Blindsiding the public, the taxpeasants’ library is now a giant flashing bulb from Olean’s new jewish government’s (yes, the media) transexual red-light district.  The library says that the state is correct in denying Olean people their incidental history.

Olean is the new twilight zone, where people will do hard, hard time for all things formerly protected by the Bill of Rights that at one time was instated and then diametrically inverted for use as the lead killing tool by the state against the public.  Yet things like false reporting and breaking into people’s houses and destroying them are perfectly legal.

When is the Olean Public’s jewish lesbrary director and her staff going to get their ankle shackles for possessing child porn or exposing minors to explicit material?  Why is it just non-state peasants?

2017’s new selections by the library have cutting-edge wonder and grueling intellect to sport.  After all, they could only be hand-selected from the state-approved list of the most psychologically mangled Bilderberg foundations social-engineering program, to, by design, eliminate the family and thus bring the society to its knees, by firstly violating the youngest, most fragile of the society.

On the New Year, patrons were welcomed by it, as they entered the library and turned left to find a naked girl masturbating in this new-acquisitions section when entering the children’s area. The book cost the Olean taxpeasants $25 of their dollars, and was among the expected, state-issue volume of jewish transexual intellectual love material consisting of dumb-brute reverse-hatred with something that an ape fingers to be logic.

Not only does the Olean Public Library evidently sexually stalk patrons, requiring their dating information, phone number and living-quarters address, just to read their books, Olean taxpeasants are indebted to have been milked to the bone to perennially buy these volumes from the state publishing company.  Among the public library’s excellent family resources are things like movies of boys in homosexual frenzy with their male university-professors, threatening to suck the semen out of each others’ erect penises.

These things have always been held close to the heart of Olean families for 200 years as they farmed and logged.  These things are what made the Olean region strong.  God bless the directors of the Olean Public Library and the Olean peasants drudging through hopeless debt to pay the library directors’ handsome wages.

It seems the library may have overextended itself.  Recourse to basic unchoreographed scientific literature and local records would be what a sane human might guess a public library to have.  Now the library is a trillion-dollar crack den for Bill Gates porn (internet) addicts, who are served by a myriad army of employees who process the mega-budget state social-engineering section of periodicals with a specific message that Christian family is terrorism, and that jewish transexual quatro-racial feministic child-protection-services orgies on welfare are all an Orwellian subject is tolerated to do.

According to the Olean Public Library, it has an official stance: hate white heterosexual Christian males, because Bilderberg’s media outlets told them to.  Day after day after day after day, Bilderberg’s poop-scented nancy-boys and hateful flaming transexual dykes wrote their media columns so they could get their Orwellian-state welfare checks at the end of each month, that they could use to buy sex machines, coffee, and a loaf of Stroehman’s bread, to last them another day through the Orwellian dream.

The Olean Public Library was told to eliminate white Christian males, but they weren’t told why.  The reason is that for the Orwellian state to have greatest control, it must undermine and destroy the society’s majority, which was the Christian family (extremism), which is the fundamental unit of the species there and likewise of much of the human societies of the world.  With the head of the family eliminated by feminism (narcissism) and witch hunt against the species’ most fundamental tenet and reason for existence – the libido – the Orwellian state can then engage the death blow by targeting unbiological lechery to the toddlers, breaking the family into individuals that turn to the state instead of the family for support.  More oral sex with their pets.  That’s all that they ask.  And a smart car.  Take their genitals; their request is to embody a worthless, automaton species.

The angels are singing.  The garish light from pink jewish transexual heaven is sponsored by the taxpeasants.  Olean’s children have been tortured by the adults doing the bidding of the incumbent, psychedelic Orwellian state.  Olean is now utopia.  Everyone is now divorced and the kids vaccinated.  Finally.  The transexual feminists have become the rednecks.  They have even upstaged the kinky exploits of Japan.


What irony.  The people running the library propound the same state meme as the library’s new literature.  Separation of church and state is good and prejudice is bad.  Just as their objective purchases and orgy-shack decor articulate.

Likewise betrayed is the fact that this person didn’t sabotage their car out of reckless disinterest.  They are upset.  This person running the library is hateful and intolerant, demonstrably.  They hate the white males that have inhabited the Olean valleys for 200 years.  They made themself a redneck (as George Soros told them) to combat rednecks.

This employee is going to clean up the Olean region.  What better pick by the city of Olean, advertising for and appointing someone willing to professionally wage their psychological baggage.  “Looking for professional jewish transexual feminist, orgy expert, and just someone who loves persecuting kids!”

This person was a feral girl with a nasty mother that inbred hatred for the girl’s weak father.  Now the person has a complex against authority and males.  Family is profane because it precludes entitlement.  Family mandates continence and accountability.  It is the enemy of Orwellian slavery where slaves change your diapers and give you cappuccino in a styrofoam mug and watch you die of brain cancer from your iporn.