Olean-Area 6-Year-Olds Threatened by the Local Police

Olean-area citizens robotically obey the government announcement – CNN, WIVB, NPR, FLN, WPIG.  The citizens demand their police to threaten their own area children.  The children learn to crawl to the police or be chained, electricuted, and murdered.

Fear, helplessness, and worshiping confused public figures.  Only the finest education for Olean-area children, as they abide in their helpless-victim-zone prisons.

The community was told by their outlets for state-censored media (e.g. NPR, Olean Times Herald, FLN, WPIG, CNN) that they need to be disarmed and protected by a handful of locals whose morals are decided by the scarcity of money and social leverage, directed by the state – and wearing big, shiny, scary black costumes. The community must turn their souls, safety, family, and neighbors over to a few desperate locals who are charged with the full-time perpetration of crime against the natural rights of innocent Olean-area citizens.  The take-home message for the new minds of our society is: do precisely whatsoever the state surrogate tells you to do, or be murdered.  Your life is limited to being an automaton.  Become a hideous, spineless, grovelling, lower life form and worship every one of their representatives that they send through your house; worship them in awe and terror as if they are schizophrenic superheros that will take your life if you falter in your state-mandated obsession to look exactly as your least-intelligent neighbors.  Worship insanity – become insane.

No evidence necessary to enfranchise this paramilitary.  Yet, the community obligates themselves to a paralyzing tax in order to create and support this opulent local installation.  And this paramilitary has time on its hands.  So it goes out to justify its office.  It shows up in the government schools (e.g. Archbishop Walsh-Southern Tier Catholic, Allegany, Olean, Portville) to ensure that the community’s next generation knows to either crawl to them (the chimp-like paramilitary enlistees) or have them jeopardize your life.  These are Bilderberg’s surrogates.  They are the only armed individuals in town, and they can do whatsoever they might please to you and anyone, just like they do during the Jew-tube’s false flags.  Shut up or die.  Sounds just like the banana-republic guerrillas founded by the CIA.  Sounds like a Nazi SS officer in front of Hitler’s youth corp.  That’s freedom, intellect, courage, inspiration – a higher life form.  Get a bigger American flag to fly from your car; it means you are a thinker – you are a success.

This is a simple concept, that the citizens be equipped to defend their own safety.  Adulteration of the concept is blaring, given a cursory glimpse of a history text.  These paramilitary Neanderthaloid specimens are now armed to the teeth such that they could walk through the Battle of the Bulge unhindered (as the “Trends Research” founder puts it).  Before Bilderberg ended the American right ordained by the Second-Amendment, the people would have been Constitutionally obligated to brandish such excessive armament to offset any deranged people who have it, whether the deranged people were a neighbor or a satanic mafia ape as in the present situation.  By law of criminals running the state, your life solely rests with a stranger who is miles away and intellectually perplexed.  Otherwise, be promised that you will be murdered, or tortured and a prisoner for at least 5-10 years.  What’s not to love about that appurtenance of Allegany and Olean.  Certainly, the area is populated only because masochists need a home and found a great source of sadism against them.  Let us drink deeply.


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