Olean-Area Teachers Make Six-Figure Incomes – Why? “Because Public Education Works!” for Them

The state (run by Bilderberg) has its peasants in a death snare.

Any common Olean-area public-school teacher makes $100,000 now.  Why?  What separates their job from that of Tim Horton’s employees?  How could a no-name area groundling make $100,000 dollars?  I know.  Taxation and loan money.

The last speck of water vapor is taxed out of any human corpse in the Olean region because every corpse can get tons of loan money easily.  This is because of the banks.  And these banks are supplied by Bilderberg, whose founders’ families overthrew the US government in 1913 to begin fractional reserve banking, eliminating nearly 100% of the US dollar’s value over 100 years.

Now, Olean-region people can get tons of loan money easily, inflating all prices to the point that the only businesses that exist in the region are owned by the Bilderbergers who overthrew the government and have been skimming the whole of the nation’s wealth for 100 years.  The Bilderbergers and friends are the only ones who can afford a business in the Olean area at this point, 100 years later (chain corporations: Walmart, Home Depot, Ponderosa, Perkins, McDonalds, St. Bonaventure University, Dresser Rand, JCC, Dollar Venereal, banks, more banks, and yet more other banks, Family-Decimated-by-Phallus Video, Tim Tons of Hore, Dunking Public Security-Officer Nuts, you can name it, but not much in the way of local business).

The Olean-region’s education system is a ponzi scheme, a product of a financial bubble that supports the citizens at an incredibly high level with no “ground” beneath them.  The bubble is pushing them higher and higher into the living hell of the New World Order prison, as defined by Zbignew Brzezinski.

If there is no Government(Wal)mart, then there are no Olean-region people.  If there are no more farms and no more Governmentmart, then what are the people going to eat?


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