Allegany Church-Media Freak Show


How about some of the areas creepiest characters at the Olean Times Herald and Bonaventure parish?

Gun control?  You mean the elimination of the US Constitution – like the Olean Times Herald is pushed to do by their international puppetmasters?

Police Brutality?  Not much concern about reeling in the police state in Olean – parishoners LOVE the taxes to support it!  They LOVE being part of something big – like world fascism under clinical psychopaths who meet each memorial day with the intention of eliminating the family and disarming the peasants whilst arming the state – to have a technotronic reign of terror.

Marriage equality?  You mean forced taxpayer support for hideous humans to marry whatever species or object is in their line of sight, to feed the juggernaut bureaucracy to eliminate the middle class and eliminate the family, so as to reach complete totalitarianism?

Christopher Michel is a proctologist doing favors for Bohemian Grove, for a few bucks a week.  And he’s proud of it.

Awe inspiring that the parishoners fund with every ounce the international cartel staging the terrorism and wars.