Olean Newspaper Elated to Publish Psy-Ops

If it is from the AP, the regime’s psy-op institute, then it is obviously a psy-op.  Why would the caring Council on Foreign Relations drop “trendy thoughts” out of the blue sky onto Olean, courtesy of their corporate outlet the Times Herald?  This is value added, by the newspaper’s regular beat, in which its employees (abuse their power to) ruin people’s lives for (further) personal aggrandizement.

The Times Herald is the marketing office for the state’s police, prison, medicine, education racketeering.


“7. That all media executives connected with media empires be arrested that have committed criminal acts such as phone hacking, blacklisting, monopolising markets, racism, incitement to war and character assassination.

8. That all media executives in media empires that censor reports on Bilderberg or related Anti-Trust criminality be arrested for malicious falsehood or misconduct in public office, being accessories to Serious Organised Crime.”