Olean St. Mary’s Festival has Police Combing Old Ladies’ Purses

Stemming that pesky terrorism in the Olean region, the sages at St. Mary’s Catholic church ostensibly got the thin-stretched police to rifle their fingers through old ladies’ diapers and photos of grandchildren.  An onlooker wouldn’t want to photograph the situation, as apparently things are rivetingly hostile there.  We know how many journalistic terrorists are lurking around New York state.  The violence never ends.

Good one for St. Mary’s.  Now not only have their festivals opened with songs about the supernatural fulfillment of premeditated adultery … now they are doing, to the letter, what the Bilderberg-operated state leaders told the Olean police to do in order to keep their paychecks.  Of course, CNN (also known as CIA) helped the organizers through the gross realizations that terrorism has simply gotten out of hand at St. Mary’s.

No IQ tests for any of the organizers there, no lists of Bilderberg attendees, and no copies of 1984.  Just some sweet ol’ government paychecks keeping everyone in the area economy super informed and hap-happy forever and ever … oh, wait, no … actually people have only been so recklessly happy just recently with the 1990′s credit boom, free trade, deregulation, and complete economic evisceration in the first decade of 2000.

Now all that the people of the area need is some fracking and a little higher taxation.  Raping the area’s lumber, oil, and local businesses wasn’t sufficient for the citizens, who have kept informed over the years by the grace of the government news outlets like the Olean Times Herald, WPIG, FLN, NPR, WIVB, and CNN.

Okay, okay, more drug raids, juryless harassment and convictions by CPS, abductions ostensibly without warrants, with interrogations, torture, and indefinite incarcerations [by the utopic teamwork between area police, the stratospheric pundits at the regional, multi-headed beast of Olean General Hospital and Social Services wielding all of its prized Saint Bonaventure University credit-card subsidized psychology diplomas for toiletry, and the incisive witch hunters in every neighborhood watch area] without any crimes having remotely occurred or been in preparation, and the Times Herald and District Attorney dream-teaming to execute pre-trial convictions of random locals – just like on the Jew tube!  Indeed, more of these things would enchant us too.

A society built from out of town.  Articulately built to place the state power into the hands of the disgruntled neighbor (and, God save us, there are not many people in the area who are not disgruntled).

The precise same template summoning the ubiquitous snitch in 1940 Nazi Germany, and by the very same Illuminati families (Bauer, Rockefeller, Warburg, Lazard, Kuhn-Loeb, Hess, Redstone, Morgan, Dupont, royal families).

Well done Salem!!  (Olean)

Forget all of those aphorisms by the more respectable figures of history condemning fear and out-of-control governments.  Just sit back in your PCB-laden easy chairs and suck down the government psy-op (remanufacture of events via media).


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