Olean Times Herald Chin-Deep in Human Waste

OTH chin-deep in this most bizarre and cruel psychosis.


Other than saying that the “Pope” is “a nice guy,” every last metric fronts red flag after red flag that the the individual is a frontman for the international criminal group called Bilderberg, with its front group the UN.

Why doesn’t the OTH interview someone who doesn’t have a paralyzing self-induced Stockholm Syndrome?

I can answer that.  They don’t because they are pressured by the state media to parrot their favorable, exorbitantly subsidized promotion of this individual.  Jim Eckstrom will lose his position under his corporate Bilderberg media overlords who will just insert another widget automaton Editor.

Anyone can write a novel from the weekly “AP” updates of the “Pope’s” motions onto the guidelines of the demon-possessed international finance/war cartel.

This sheer creep is calling for a return to the Crusades, with Hellfire missiles, in obnoxious contradiction to the assertion of JP2.

This figure’s first move was to condemn Catholics who seek to exercise the natural human right to self defense, that the UN condemns but insists on retaining for itself – its dignitaries such as this figure who flies jets, drives elite cars, and sits in air conditioning whilst condemning the peasants of the third world to go without what he and his Bilderberg puppetmasters enjoy.

The first move of this figure was to condemn Catholics for not using the internet, which – by any metric – is a pornography box that has nailed the coffin on the institution of family.

Anyone so tasked has been drowned in evidence to continue this itemized description of this figure.


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