Olean Times Herald Requests its 30,000 Conservative Readers to Perpetrate a Homosexual Act with a Neighbor this Week

Around 1980, the Olean Times Herald was quoting the bible from article to article about how amazing God’s creation is, just look.  Copies are on fiche at the library.

Now the Olean Times Herald tells us to stop our lives and have a sexual interaction with anything in our field of view.

From a zoological perspective, a group of humans is being swayed by a few malicious individuals, over the mere course of two decades.  The group is now unhappy and dysfunctional.  However, the group is enthralled to the persecutors, and this is called Stockholm Syndrome.  The group is at a stage in which the members nonverbally affirm each other, that the misery feels good.  It is the natural human reaction to cope with blackmail.  The group would naturally dissolve and follow the species’ inherent program – however, technological totalitarianism (as defined by Eisenhower) has grown from the Industrial Revolution and frozen the society in a dissolution stage, and sustains the stage into what will be a massive (perhaps total) extinction of the group.

This was done by the state media, WPIG, FLN, OTH, CNN etc.  The outlets are operated rather directly by (exist only because of) Bilderberg, on money taken by physical threat from the middle class of the society.


“7. That all media executives connected with media empires be arrested that have committed criminal acts such as phone hacking, blacklisting, monopolising markets, racism, incitement to war and character assassination.

8. That all media executives in media empires that censor reports on Bilderberg or related Anti-Trust criminality be arrested for malicious falsehood or misconduct in public office, being accessories to Serious Organised Crime.”


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