Olean’s UN Reps: Times Herald and Gan

The reign of terror’s newspaper summons its Pharisee again.  Cometh the racket, cometh the Goon.  Gan is going to be doing jewish favors not just for the Herald but for his jewish boss Bauer, and Bauer’s slaves in Bauer’s Trojan horse.  This is indeed an honor to them, as psychopaths by definition will not mind the smell.  Gan and the Herald knowingly publish false information to abet their international crime boss at the head of the Council of Seven, reigning over Bilderberg’s mass murders.  Gan imposters nonviolence, but categorically will not participate in it; that is exactly what Jim Eckstrom is seeking.  Who else but a fraud to lie about weather engineering for the purpose of the world-unifying carbon tax going to Bilderberg?  Who else but a fraud, amplified by a fraud, to play their part in the crimes perpetrated by the global racketeering organization against the peasants who Gan and the Herald sweat to disarm?  Gan would never bite the Ponzi scheme that feeds him.  He is its warrior, fawning on Barry Soetoro.  Great times Allegany!  People power!