OTH Promotional for the Bilderberg Pope


Must have gone to try to catch the pope eating the head off a baby.  “Everybody seems to be really excited about it” – genocide, raping the human rights of peasants, and the New World Order never seemed so cool!  I wish I could have gotten there myself to see Lucifer sworn in!  Weak in the knees – I would have had to have someone push me in a wheel chair!

Security?  The Poope has security?  Oh, right, I recall now .. he only wants the peasants to lose their natural human right to self defense – it doesn’t apply to Bilderberg’s UN creeping, skidding monstrosities like this dump they scraped from Argentina when he was done overseeing the 30,000 disappearances.

He is Blood and Gore’s representative to create greater poverty in the 3rd world through a fraudulent carbon tax on the peasants whilst his insane buddies at Raytheon, BAE, E-Systems, and USDoD make droughts and storms.

Clark’s brain is like a peanut, too small to contextualize the repetitive false flags of the aristocracy of history used to extort the peasants.  Except, the technological age is not going to end like all of those of the past.

The girls in jumpers there haven’t put two and two together to complete a thought that, hey, it was my votes and tax money that, through the plots of the demon-possessed creatures of Bilderberg, the US, and NATO – these emigrants were displaced.  They were displaced to eliminate borders for the very publicly declared plan to install open world government by an international group of psychopaths.

Barry Soetoro is a time and again demonstrated psychopath, but Clark, Cygans, and Olean Times Herald got us lovin on em.  Isn’t that conduct classed as insanity?

Can anyone out there provide some sort of indication of how the trillion-dollar war industry of the United States of Israel has demonstrated a disinterest in war?  any person in the range of sanity would only see nothing less than outright death mongering by Barry and his Jewish puppetmasters, and Olean’s breathtaking government representatives.

If politicos choose to listen to his reason?  Why a loaded article by the Olean Times Herald heralding the pope?  Do you think this has to do with the financial framework of the Olean Times Herald, in that they will lose their jobs if they don’t run with the agenda set by the Times Herald financer (who is a Bilderberg attendee)?

Politicals don’t choose much.  Professional or literal assassination are no alternative for the masses of spineless people who install the pants-messing literal, clinical psychopaths called congressmen.


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