Saint Bonaventure Parish Priest Demands Disarmament of Olean-Area Peasants and Arming of State

Only the utmost provided by the local “Christian” ponzi-scheme University of Adultery and Other Orgies Studies (SBU).

A violent act orchestrated by the international crime group (Bilderberg etc.).

A call by Barry Soetoro (Bilderberg puppet) via CNN (Bilderberg puppet), to disarm the populace.

A call by the Conference of Bishops (Bilderberg puppet) out of Colorado (New World Order state) for the US Catholic priests (society’s dregs with near-rehab IQ’s) to condemn their peasants to disarm.

Enter priest at the Saint Bonaventure Parish Church in Allegany, New York, midnight mass, Christmas Eve.  Two staged shootings in previous days.  Priest repeats – verbatim – the line issued by the Pentagon AP (Bilderberg puppet) bellowing that the congregation must immediately disarm themselves and their neighbors.

He forgot to call for disarming government servants (police, military) and the bodyguards of the (often garnering Israeli citizenship) government representatives, of whom some of the higher representatives have orchestrated the murder of millions over the past century (Bilderbergers and friends) – the group who paid people (mostly from the USA; “soldiers”) to massacre 168 Pakistani children (via computer-game operated drones) by that time of Christmas 2012.

Gandhi: (paraphrase) “of the atrocities perpetrated by the British against the peasants of India, depriving them of [fire]arms was the blackest.”

Lo and behold.  The churches of the Olean area are channeling CNN.  “Yes master” is their only reaction to state mandates.  No holy water or shaking hands in Mass because their superiors at CNN (Israel/Ted Turner) told them so … because some new flu made by the CDC is suddenly life-threatening for nobody.  Change the foundation of the liturgy in the very year of 2012, after decades of constancy (constancy being the defining characteristic of the institution of Catholicism) – because the Illuminati superiors told them so.  Cancel masses (Saint Bonaventure University) so the parish can make sure to not miss the Illuminati’s satanism-pornography orgy Superbowl Halftime Show.  Skin-tight genitalia outfits and miniskirts for all of the young women – the church has more divorcees (not to mention married clergy) than the general population.  A little bit of “oops, I have no obligation to honor even the American Sabbath, one of the ten commandments.”  Host a priest or two from developing countries to lick the feet of the affluence-stricken congregation.  Pet the congregation and make them feel the fake power of insecurity that they wield atop their credit cards, fiat loans, astronomical debt-slave SUV’s and Chinese-mart, pre-fab mini-estates.  Don’t mention their shopping addictions and skin-deep identities – at all cost.  Regurgitate a shallow story about angels or terminal illness; that will keep them convenient.  How Christian.  Nowadays, the world institution of Catholicism can only muster a few characters from society who, even after suffering years of Catholic university, e.g. frequently attack their congregation by screaming bizarre orders, make startling and bizarre claims that the Bible stories are mythological, etc.  Only the finest for the social retards finding a Sunday congregation.

So much for the inspiration of Jesus (e.g. the person studied by Walter Wink).  So much for even basic intellect.  The summit of intellect in the Catholic church (and other churches, for sure) is limited to individuals who have only the intellectual dregs of society to offer the parishes and (Bonaventure) University.  The government decides the media, the media decides the university.

Though a few of the latently reasonable parishoners can pull-off a few eleemosynary deeds, mix the insanities and there we have the concoction of fraud.

It is no question why Bilderberg’s recent FBI worksheets say Catholics are zero threat to their genocidal world dictatorship.  Though even Home Schoolers are Bilderberg-drugged (military, consumerism) zombies, they do oppose world government’s (Bilderberg’s/Jewish) destruction of the family and some of the other brainwashing in school texts and practices (which is required for world dictatorship).


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