Senior Citizens Serving Hard Time by Grace of Cattaraugus Witch Mob–plus-animals-at-farmersville-farm/article_5acced22-dcfa-11e5-ac79-f7a430b34ec4.html


Here it is.  Bird watcher Jim Eckstrom’s hermetically censored, subsidized state megaphone, “Your community.  Your newspaper,” announced that his mob attacked and will “process” an old couple, and this after confirming their innocence.  Great news for his executive partners throughout the state’s prison racket.  The mob descended from the woodwork and has seized the property for another occupation just like the totalitarian raid-occupation of a poor man’s residence and property south of the river in Allegany, by the “Oil Protective Services.”  This, obviously, justifies the mob’s budget and expansion, as money remaining from the area’s middle class will go to the processing.  Totalitarianism at its finest.  Sweet choice, mob!