Solitary Olean Newspaper Violently Blocks Public Comment In Tandem With News Blackout

“… malicious falsehood or misconduct in public office, being accessories to Serious Organised Crime …”

Jim Eckstrom gets his orders directly from Lucifer, apparently.

The public news outlet Olean Times Herald conforms to the guidelines of the terror state.  The private enterprise has been re-outfitted for its present function as government outlet for state messages.

Being the only existing newspaper, it yet campaigns as the public newspaper “Your Community.  Your newspaper.” and is actually, literally, awarded such power by local municipalities.  Despite being the public newspaper, it violently removes every remaining public comment from its internet site in addition to its unconditional pre-internet blackout on public editorials.

Mussolini defined fascism as the merger of state and corporate power.  There is now no longer the allowance of public comments with the enterprise.  A comment outlet is provided to the public; however, the comments are aggressively removed (by their ace Worm Tongue IT person who is ardently seeking a backup job), the individual is logged into the state police surveillance center, and the commenting accounts are then banned from use.

OTH staff is taking pleasure in something that is not quite right.  It is superciliousness.  We find the OTH staff, the guards at the concentration camp, at the state megaphone blaring the voice of the fuhrer.  What a less than stellar life is required of the beast’s automatons.

Once the beast is marching, the last voices are smothered.

“Our boss.  Your community.”


Your local newspaper means:

Very intimate.

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