State Representative Cathy Young Promotes Orwellian Diagnosis of “Mental Disease” to Disarm Olean Region

If you “are,” (breathing) then you are too mentally unstable to defend yourself from other Homo sapiens who have guns (whoops, using the word may get you federal time now; Bilderbergers hate humans).  Only Bilderberg’s (installed locally, for your pleasure; yes, local social rehabs welcome) drone-like, paramilitary (like in a banana republic) goons (the ones protecting you from, well, freedom) can weild guns.  Where have we heard that pitch before?  Oh, the other recent genocidal, totalitarian regimes … and CNN which is dictated by Bilderberg.

The Baker Act is the modern loophole created by Bilderberg (UN) to eliminate not only the Second Amendment but most or all of the Amendments.  Every corrupt resident is now mandated by state decree to bear false witness with impunity against reasonable individuals  – premierely violating the Constitution by eliminating the 5th amendment right to being informed of why you are being arrested, the 6th amendment right of being informed who the accuser is, and for a speedy trial, and the 5th amendment right to a jury.  And that is a windfall for the prison corporation and its relationship built with the local government.  Every resident of the Olean region is a “terrorist until proven less guilty.”

Young is a drooling zombie (all anyone would ever hope for in a leader) channeling CNN (i.e. Bilderberg), … or something else …


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