Still No Disavowal by Olean Jews

Olean Muslims are sorry for the avalanche of Jewish’ false-flag homicides, but after 2oo years, still no disavowal by Olean’s Jews.

… and the Jewish Society?  Two hundred years and evidently the local Jews support what the Jews have done to the world for a few thousand years, now having it completely brainwashed and swirling down the toilet.  They sure love we goyim.  Our media, government, and money is now being run by the Jews to kill off the world’s population.  Tisch, Grossman, Greenberg, Speilberg, Sandler, Stiller, Cohen, Schwimmer, Stern, Yellen, Bernanke, Geitner, Schmidt, Greenspan, Schumer, Giffords, Levin, Leiberman, Feinstein, Sunstein, Holdren, …