The Congress of Retards for Olean Region Schools

1. Safety fantasy
2. Child worship

It worked for Nazi Germany, and it works for the Olean region.  Why not five thousand more tax dollars from every inmate calling themselves an Olean region resident?  Too much time on our hands.  Go back to farming; forget Walmart and the prison that is the millennia-old “safety” racket.  I believe in unicorns too.  Only fear fear itself.  Psychological dandies, these little unsavory brainstems, mammals called humans racing around in their little car bubbles around the Olean region.  “Stupid” is big business.  If life hangs in the balance in the region, then why doesn’t everyone arm themselves?  Firstly, life has never hanged in the balance.  Secondly, no one will defend themselves.  Nature’s right to self defense defies the plain jackass herd of Olean.


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