Yep, Franciscans Remove Men’s Bathroom and Make it Transexual

Old men are no longer welcome at the Saint Bonaventure Clubhouse, only old women and trannies.  Jesus Christ and the friars and nuns know the place is buried in trannies instantaneously after two hundred years of just grandpas and grandmas.  The Freakciscans are dazzling people.  They wage their intelligence of a deer’s tailpipe; that’s correct, a deer has more going for it in the intellectual world than the shack herd of diarrhea soaked Franciscans.  Ted Turner told the Franciscans, and they responded.  God bless them.  Can you imagine where the Saint Bonaventure Franciscans and all the spiritual faculty of the university would have gotten food for their fat, rotting, transexual mouths if they turned-down their state handout of blood money from the US student loan department at the IMF?  Surely God our father has a plan with them to give them pimped-out tranny sex machines in heaven.  We know that Jesus was a hippy who said “anything goes.”  He was a lover who said “it’s all good, smoke hash and breed at a giant, endless, state-sponsored orgy.”  In the name of Jesus Christ we pray as unnarcissistic transexuals, amen.